In Store Gaming

We have comfortable chairs, Air Conditioning and a selection of Snacks and Drinks!

Wargaming, Boardgaming and Cardgaming

We charge £3 per person for half a Day, or £5 for a Full day of gaming.

This gives you access to our Terrain, Scenery and Mats, Board Game Library etc.


We Charge £2.50 per person for RPG Session, and the GM doesn't have to pay (in recognition of the amount of extra work that they have to do in the background!)


Depending on the events schedule, we can support up to 8 6x4 Wargaming Tables in our air-conditioned and ventilated basement, we have space for 28 card gamers, or several RPG Groups in the Air Conditioned Gaming Room at the Back of the store.

We mix and match the spaces to provide groups with the most comfortable experience on the day!