Cyberpunk 2020 RPG: Firestorm: Shockwave

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    This cyberwar sourcebook has something for everyone, including:

    Briefings on the beginning stages of the Hot War, including a complete timeline detailing all major events.

    Profiles and equipment for the corporate warriors on both sides -- as well as other forces that will help decide the outcome of the war.

    New Character Roles: Aerojock, PA Trooper, and Panzerboy -- plus 5 new skills.

    All sorts of millspec newtech, featuring 4 new ACPA suits, more than 20 pieces of new combat gear and 17 new weapons.

    New vehicles, ranging from air superiority fighters to urban warfare cyberwalks.

    A listing of vehicles and major military hardware right out of the Maxiumum Metal sourcebook rules.

    Rules for streamlined vehicle combat and resolving small unit battles.

    Profiles on 5 corporate target sites, each with adventure hooks.

    A climactic mission which leads the characters to the heart of Arasaka -- alongside some familiar faces!