Resurrectionist Faction Pack - M3e Malifaux 3rd Edition

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Necropunk x3, 
Carrion Effigy, 
Carrion Emissary, 
Dr. McMourning, 
Flesh Construct x3, 
Nurse x2, 
Guild Autopsy x3, 
Little Gasser x3, 
Kentauroi x3, 
Canine Remains x4, 
Zombie Chihuahua, 
Rogue Necromancy, 
Alt Rogue Necro, 
Molly Squidpiddge, 
Philip and the Nanny, 
The Forgotten Marshal, 
Rabble Riser x3, 
Crooligan x3, 
Night Terror x4, 
Necrotic Machine, 
Dead Rider, 
Gravedigger x2, 
Madame Sybelle, 
Bete Noire, 
​Dead Doxy x2, 
Mourner x2, 
Rotten Belle x3, 
Copycat Killer,
Ashigaru x3, 
the Daimyo, 
Manos, the Risen, 
Yin, the Penangalan, 
Reva Cortinas, 
Vincent St. Clair, 
Asura Roten, 
Lampad x3, 
Draugr x2, 
Shieldbearer x3, 
Restless Spirit, 
Corpse Candle x2, 
Crooked Man x3, 
Anna Lovelace, 
The Valedictorian, 
Student of Viscera x2, 
Student of Sinew x3, 
Student of Steel x3, 
Kirai Ankoku, 
Datsue Ba, 
Goryo x2, 
Lost Love, 
Onryo x2, 
Gaki x3, 
​Seishin x5, 
Shikome x2, 
Hanged x2, 
Jaakuna Ubume, 
Drowned x3, 
Grave Golem, 
Bone Pile x3, 
Mindless Zombie x5, 
Soul Porter, 
Yan Lo, 
Jack Daw, 
Lady Ligeia, 
Forbidden Knowledge x3, 
Reliquary (Manos),
Reliquary (Toshiro), 
Reliquary (Yin), 
A Pale Hunger x2, 
Call of Madness x2, 
Vengeful Spirit x5, 
Effigy Of Fate, 
The Whisper x2, 
Grave Spirit's Touch x2, 
Killer Instinct x2, 
Curse Of Injustice x5, 
Ash Ascendant, 
Blood Ascendant, 
Bone Ascendant, 
Flesh Ascendant, 
Spirit Ascendant, 
Quick Reference Card