Midgard World Book

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    The 460-page Midgard Worldbook includes:

    Detailed description of Midgard’s empires, cities, and kingdoms, with associated heraldry, rulers, and adventure hooks for each state, large or small

    Characters from Baba Yaga to the lords of the Dragon Empire, from the honest folk of Zobeck to various elven holdouts of Dornig and the vampire lords of Morgau

    Full lore on the pantheons of the Northlands, Crossroads, Elves, and others, including divine domain lists, rituals, divine demands, and the various masks and sacred texts—plus rituals and ambitions of the Dark Gods, for the GM’s eyes alone!

    Revised and expanded lore of the planes, history, calendars, and conflicts of the world

    Forbidden lore of blood magic, void magic, and various dooms and items not meant for players’ eyes!

    And much more!