Guild Faction Pack - M3e Malifaux 3rd Edition

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Dr. Grimwell, 
Nurse Heartsbane, 
Orderly x2, 
Charles Hoffman, 
Peacekeeper, Guardian x2,
Hunter x3, 
Riotbreaker x3, 
Watcher x3, 
Mechanical Attendant, 
Warden x2, 
Brutal Effigy , 
Lucius Mattheson, 
Investigator x2, 
Guild Lawyer x3, 
The Scribe, 
Brutal Emissary, 
Perdita Ortega, 
Francisco Ortega, 
Santiago Ortega, 
Nino Ortega, 
Papa Loco, 
Monster Hunter x2, 
Abuela Ortega, ​
​Pistolero De Latigo x3, 
Enslaved Nephilim, 
Austringer x2, 
Pathfinder x2, 
Clockwork Trap x8, 
Trained Raptor x3, 
Dashel Barker, 
Executioner x2, 
Taggart Queeg, 
Mounted Guard x2, 
Sergeant x2, 
Rifleman x3, 
Guard Patrol x4, 
Guild Hound x4, 
Pale Rider, 
Nellie Cochrane, 
Phiona Gage, 
Allison Dade, 
Field Reporter x3, 
The Printing Press, 
Lady Justice, 
The Judge, 
The Lone Marshal, 
The Jury, 
​Death Marshal Recruiter x2, 
Domador De Cadaveres x2, 
Exorcist x2, 
Death Marshal x3, 
Scales of Justice, 
Sonnia Criid, 
Samael Hopkins, 
Witchling Handler x2, 
Thalarian Queller x2, 
Sanctioned Spellcaster x3, 
Witchling Thrall x2, 
Witchling Stalker x3, 
Purifying Flame, 
Guild Steward, 
Lead-Lined Coat x2, 
On Patrol x5, 
Sybound Ally x2, 
Effigy Of Fate, 
Expert Marksman x2, 
No Prisoners x2, 
Violation of Magic x3, 
Quick Reference Card