Concord Combined Command (C3) Starter Army

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Concord Combined Command Starter Army

Gates of Antares Starter Army

The Concord Combined Command, or C3, is the military arm of the Panhman Concord. They are one of the most technologically advanced civilisations in Antarean space, rivalled only by those of the Isorian Shard and Vorl Synthesis.

Many of the roles undertaken by troops in other armies are performed by drones whilst their troops are protected by hyper-light armours and wield lethal plasma carbines - man-for-man there are few enemies their equal on the field of battle.

The C3 Starter Army contains:

  • C3 Strike command team (Strike Commander and 2 Strike Troopers with Plasma Carbines and 1 Spotter Drone).

  • 3 C3 Strike Squads (each squad consists of 1 Strike Leader and 4 Strike Troopers with Plasma Carbines and 1 Spotter Drone).

  • 3 Support Drones (3 C3D1 Light Support Drones with Plasma Light Support Gun or C3D1/GP Drones with subverter matrix, and 3 spotter drones.)

  • C3 Drop Squad (Drop Leader and 3 Troopers with Plasma Carbines. 1 Drop Trooper with Plasma Lance and 1 Spotter Dron)

  • C3 X-launcger Team (X-launcher with 2 Crew and Spotter Drone)
  • Targeter Probe Shard (4Targeter Probes)