Project Z: Starter Game

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    Scavenge to survive in the abandoned streets of a city infested by unnatural creatures hungry for your flesh. Hunt down pitiful and desperate citizens to bag in the scarce goods in the saddlebags of your bikes.

    Whichever your choice, watch out for your ammo and manage your limited resources to make it another day. Sooner or later you will be dead, you may as well take some of those zombies with you.

    Project Z is a skirmish wargame for 1 to 3 players taking control of common survivors or street gangers trying to survive the environment and an ever-growing horde of zombies. With fast and easy to learn game mechanics and specially designed dice and cards, you’ll be able to start playing your first game in a matter of minutes.

    In the chaotic first days of the zombie apocalypse civilians that once shared neighbourhoods, schools and town hall meetings banded together for survival in the face of unimaginable horror. As civilisation decayed and the world as we knew it ended, these Survivors looted what they could. Armed with whatever items or weapons they could find they brave the zombie infested urban areas to scavenge for rare supplies, determined to fight, if needed, to defend their claim.

    Fight the dead, fight the Living; at all costs, survive.

    Full Contents:

    • 1 Rules Manual

    • 1 Survivors Guide for Dummies

    • 2 Rules & Weapons Reference Sheets

    • 10 Plastic Survivors

    • 6 Plastic Bike Gangers or 4 Bike Gangers and 2 Bikers

    • 23 Plastic Zombies

    • 10 Combat Dice

    • 8 Character Cards

    • 10 Survival Cards

    • 36 Combat Cards

    • 20 Reload tokens

    • 12 Grit Tokens