Fortress Budapest: Bolt Action Campaign

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    What's in this book:

    Packed with history Fortress Budapest contains complete scenarios, additional special rules, army lists, new units and of course the all-important complete theatre selectors.

    Fighting for Transylvania

    Scenario 1: Hold the Ojtózi Pass

    The Battle of Tordá

    The Red Army Arrives

    Direct Assault on Tordá

    Scenario 2: Into the Valley of Death

    Counter-attack at Debrecen

    Operation Debrecen

    Coup in Budapest

    Scenario 3: Operation Debrecen

    A Phone Call With Stalin


    Operation Budapest

    Fortress Kecskemét

    Scenario 4: Flak-Regiment 133

    Breakout Under Moonlight

    Chaotic Retreat

    The Attila Line

    Scenario 5: The Attila Line

    Breakthrough at Pestszentimre

    Scenario 6: Counter-attack at Pestszentimre

    Enter the 3rd Ukrainian Front

    Festung Budapest

    SS IX Mountain Corps

    German Strength in Budapest

    Scenario 7: The Back Door Left Open

    The First Assault on Pest

    Scenario 8: Street Fighting in Pest

    Block by Block

    Scenario 9: Withdrawal Across the Danube

    Relief Attempts

    Scenario 10: Operation Konrad I

    Operation Konrad II

    Scenario 11: Operation Konrad III

    Last Stand in Buda

    Városmajor Grange

    Scenario 12: Farkasréti Cemetery

    Scenario 13: The Buda Hills

    Scenario 14: Supply Drop

    The End is Nigh

    Scenario 15: The Last Redoubt

    The Breakout Attempt

    Sacrificed for the Reich

    Operation Spring Awakening

    Hitler’s Last Gamble

    Scenario 16: Death Ride of the Panzers

    New Units

    Include; German, Hungarian, Soviet and Romanian

    New Theatre Selectors:

    For Germany

    Panzer Kampfgruppe Armoured Platoon

    1944–45 Panzergrenadier Reinforced Platoon

    Panzer Reconnaissance Reinforced Platoon

    Heavy Anti-aircraft battery Reinforced Platoon

    IV SS Panzer Corps Armoured Platoon

    6th SS Panzer Army Armoured Platoon

    For Hungary

    Carpathian Mountains Border Guards Reinforced Platoon

    Assault Artillery Battery Armoured Platoon

    Hungarian Armoured Field Division Armoured platoon

    For Hungary & Germany

    Budapest Pocket Defenders Reinforced Platoon

    For Soviet Union

    Guards Mechanised Brigade Armoured Platoon

    Forward Detachment Reconnaissance Party Reinforced Platoon

    Urban Assault Group Reinforced Platoon

    Soviet Anti-tank Strongpoint Reinforced Platoon

    For Romania

    1944 Allied Romanian Infantry Division Reinforced Pl

    Additional Special Rules:

    City Fighting


    Sewer Movement

    Command and Control in a City Fight

    City Siege Assets