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Questoris Knights: Adeptus Titanicus

Questoris Knights: Adeptus Titanicus

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This kit comes with enough components to build three Questoris Knights armed with a wide variety of weapons, along with alternate heads. The components include:

– 1x rapid fire battlecannon with heavy stubber

– 1x thermal cannon

– 1x avenger gatling cannon

– 3x left-handed thunderstrike gauntlet

– 3x right-handed thunderstrike gauntlet

– 3x rocket pod

– 3x reaper chainsword

– 3x heavy stubber

– 3x meltagun

– 6x heads

– 3x tilting plate

The models are also supplied with with three Citadel 40mm Round bases along with a decal sheet – this features heraldry for Houses Makabius, Vyronii, Malinax and Coldshroud.

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