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Para Bellum Games

Buccephaloi - Old Dominion: Conquest

Buccephaloi - Old Dominion: Conquest

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The Buccephaloi of the Old Dominions were the sacred guardians of it's holiest sites. Clad in beautiful ceremonial panoplies, these simple and devout guardians were selected from amongst the most powerful of Minotaur Thyreans, their horns ritually cut off in an act of devotion and subservience to Hazlia. Such was the power and majesty of the Buccephaloi that only in death were they called to battle: while alive none dared oppose them. How they Play: Temple Guardians of Old, the Buccephaloi return to play the role of the unstoppable juggernaut, providing some much needed offensive power to the Old Dominion forces. Even from the early stages of the game a combination of Cleave (3) and Brutal Impact (1), more as Dark Power Pool goes up in Tiers, will provide a much needed counter offensive during the stages of the game where Enemy Heavy Regiments are adding up pressure.


  • 3x Buccephaloi Miniatures
  • 3x Cavalry Bases
  • 3x Cavalry Stands
  • 1x Command Card

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
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