Loyalty Scheme

Collect "Experience Points" when you buy at afistfulofdice.co.uk or in store at A Fistful of Dice.

Currently you will collect 5 XP for each whole £1 you spend in a transaction of £5 or more.

Each point can be redeemed for £0.01 discount on a qualifying purchase, the minimum number of points you need on your account to redeem is 500 points or £5

Terms & Conditions

You must spend a minimum of £5 before a transaction will be logged as a Loyalty Transaction

The minimum number of points you need to make a redemption is 500

There is no cash alternative.

A Custom Printed Loyalty card is available from the Shop

Points will be automatically logged when you are logged in on our website

If you do not have your card with you, you will be unable to collect or redeem points in the shop

Your card remains the property of A Fistful of Dice Ltd