X-wing Escalation Tournament

25/02/2017 10:00 to 25/02/2017 20:00

A Fistful of Dice Ltd
Southsea, United Kingdom

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X-wing Escelation Tournament
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That's right it's X-wing time again and this time we're trying something a little different.....an escalation event!

Round one will be 50 minutes at 60 points

Round two will be 70 minutes at 90 points

Round three will be  90 Minutes at 120 points

Round 4 will be 120 minutes at 150 points

Each player must build four squads for use in an X-Wing Escalation tournament. These squads will be used in order of lowest number of squad points to highest number of squad points, one squad for each of the four tournament rounds.

Each player may choose to field a Rebel, Imperial, or Scum & Villainy squad. Each of the squads fielded must be from the same faction.

You may not have more than eight small ships of the same ship type (TIE fighter, A-Wing, etc.) in any squad. You may not have more than four large ships of the same ship type in any squad.

During each round, each squad must contain all ships and upgrade cards from the previous squad. Ships from the previous round must keep all equipped upgrade cards, and these cards may not be “transferred” to a different ship. However, new upgrade cards may be added to ships from the previous squad.

Registration open between 10:30 to 11:15
Play Starts at 11:30
Round 1 - 11:30 to 12:20
Round 2 – 12:30 to 13.40
Lunch Break after Round 2 (30 min)
Round 3 – 14:40 to 16:10
Short Break (20 Minutes)
Round 4 - 16:30 to 18:30

Prizes  Handed!

Lists and any questions - Please email to to@afistfulofdice.co.uk

Full rules are avialble at:

Lock onto your target with prizes from the Quarter 1 Tournament Kit for X-Wing™! Quarterly Tournament Kits provide prizes for a local game store to award to players for competing in their events and a new kit will be released each quarter with refreshed prizes to invigorate participation. Contact your local game store today to see if they are hosting any tournament kit events and join in on the fun!

What’s in the X-Wing Q1 Tournament Kit? 

Core Prize Card - 16 copies of the alternate art card “Swarm Tactics”. An old favorite among Imperial players that might find some new life with a new Rebel look. 

Elite Prize - 2 copies of the alternate art card “Ketsu Onyo”. A young Mandalorian bounty hunter, Ketsu and the Shadowcaster will lock an enemy down with tractor beams in order to make them easy prey.

Elite Prize - 2 sets of acrylic tractor beam tokens. X-Wing is a game of crafty maneuvers and being able to mess with your opponent’s can swing the dogfight your way.


A Fistful of Dice Ltd
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    United Kingdom


From 25/02/2017 10:00
To 25/02/2017 20:00


A Fistful of Dice Ltd

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