Southlands Khemri Open - Bloodbowl Tournament

15/04/2017 16:41 to 15/04/2017 17:41

A Fistful of Dice Ltd
Southsea, United Kingdom

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Badlands Khemri Open - Bloodbowl Tournament
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Welcome Sports Fans, to the greatest sporting event in Blood Bowl history!

The only question is, what are you waiting for?

Grab your Team Roster and get ready!

Event Essentials Date: 15th April

Starting Gold: 1,300,000 Gold Pieces

Number of games: 3-4 depending on teams

Team Selection: Use the “Creating a Blood Bowl Team” rules in The Blood Bowl “The Official Rules” manual from the Blood Bowl Game boxed set.You may also draft Star Players from the back of the rules pack (see below) , as well as Star Players and Coaching Staff as laid down in the Death Zone Season One! Supplement.

The Schedule

Registration 12:00

Game One 1230–1430


Game Two 1500-1700

Game Three 1715–1915

Game 4 (if required) 1930-2130

This means that all games are 2 hours long so you should be aiming for a 4 minuite turn. any games not finished at the end of a round will stop immediately after the current play once time is called.

Changes for The Blood Bowl. In order to make Coaches lives easier and to help the event run more smoothly, we are using a modified version of the Pre and Post Match sequences.

Pre-Match Sequence:

1 Flip for the Kick The coaches flip a coin or roll off, with the winner deciding whether they will kick or receive for the first drive.

2 Roll on the Weather Table Both coaches roll a D6 and look up the total on the Weather table to see waht the weather will be like for the match.

Post-Match Sequence:

we will use the following Post-Match Sequence in lieu of the ones presented in the books.

1. Choose Two of your Players to improve.

2. The Winner increases his Fan Factor by 1.

3. Update your team Roster.

4. Fill out your results card for that round and hand it in ASAP to the Ref.

Improving Your Players:

After each game, while still at the table with your opponent, choose Two model's from your team and then roll for that model on the “Improvement Table” on page 22 of the Death Zone Season One supplement.


All Injuries done to your team are ignored, in the postmatch sequence as all your players are pulled back from the brink by a liberal use of under-the-counter Goblin Mushrooms, This is to make sure no team gets heinously destroyed in the first match.

Illegal Procedure: Illegal Procedures are not in use

Event Scoring: Win a Game: 60 Points Draw a Game: 30 Points Lose a Game: 10 Points There are also additional bonus points available for: A Close Call: Lose by 1 Touchdown + 5 Points Give ‘em a hidin’: Win by 2 Touchdowns or more +5 Points Thrashed ‘em: Win by 3 Touchdowns or more: +10 Points Clean Sheet: Concede 0 Touchdowns during the game: +10 Points. When the game is over, simply note how many Cup Points you earned in your game on the correct slip on your record sheet,

There will be a list of available Star Players these are the ones from Deathzone season 1 and the list from the Blood bowl GT being run by GW at Warhammer fest (see below)

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