Malifaux Shifting Loyalties Campaign

06/10/2017 18:00 to 28/10/2017 23:00

A Fistful of Dice Ltd
Southsea, United Kingdom

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Malifaux Shifting Loyalties Campaign
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For the next four weeks, we are running a Shifting Loyalties Campaign for Wyrd’s miniature skirmish game; Malifaux. If you are new to Malifaux this is a fun way to start and build up a crew of your own, for those of you who are already experienced in the ways of Malifaux can see how your favourite models perform with wounds and unexpected skills.

If you haven't played a Shifting Loyalties campaign before, the premise is simple you start of with a small crew, play games to earn Script to hire more models each week. Models can also gain skills and upgrades, or even change there station so a lowly minion can become a enforcer or even a henchman. On the flip side however, models that die during a game can suffer debilitating wounds or even die permanently and have to be replaced.


Full rules for Shifting Loyalties can be found in the book of the same name, there will be one copy of the book for reference in-store or players can order their own copy in-store or on our website:

The campaign starts on Friday the 6th of October and end Saturday the 28th of October. Each Friday and Saturday during those 4 weeks, from 6pm players can take part in up to 3 campaign games to earn a maximum of 20 script per week.

Your starting arsenal consists of 35 Script.

All named 0 cost upgrades from the Ripples of Fate expansion count as coming with the model they are associated with at the time players hire them.

Masters cannot be purchased until week 3 of the campaign.

We will be using the following optional rules from the Shifting Loyalties book: The Good Doctor, Cut 'em up for Parts.

Each week will have a set Event: Week 1 - Map it Out, Week 2 - Vermin Infestation, Week 3 - Extermination, Week 4 - A Bad Moon Rises.


Each week players will be asked who they think had most thematic Crew, who the most sporting player was, and who had the best painted force. Players cannot chose themselves.

We have a prize pool consisting of Guilders, Mystery Boxes, and deck boxes.

At the end of the 4 weeks prizes will be given for: Best Thematic Crew, Most Sporting Player, Best Painted Force, and Highest Campaign Rating.


You can join the campaign either in-store or via our website here:

Entry is £5.00


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From 06/10/2017 18:00
To 28/10/2017 23:00


A Fistful of Dice Ltd

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