Into the Eye of Terror - Warhammer 40k Tournament

04/09/2016 11:00 to 04/09/2016 20:00

A Fistful of Dice Ltd
Southsea, United Kingdom

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Into the Eye of Terror - Warhammer 40k Tournament
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We will be running a 3 round 1350pt Warhammer 40,000 singles tournament at A Fistful of Dice on Sunday the 4th of September. The Games Workshop FAQ will be used when the final draft goes live. 

Players Need to Bring 
• 2 legible copies of their army list (ideally printed)
• Any templates, dice, counters or markers you may need. 
• A pen, calculator and some super-glue for emergency repairs! 
• A tray or box for quickly moving armies from table to table.
• A copy of your codex(s), Rulebook and any other Rules needed.

Event Timings
1100-1145 – Venue open for registration
1145-1200 – Pre-event brief
1200-1400 – Round 1 (120 min)
1400-1430 – Break
1430-1630 – Round 2 (120 min)
1630-1645 – Break 
1645-1845 – Round 3 (120 min)

Army Selection 
Each player is to select a force of up to 1350pts, from the most recently published version of your chosen Codex, Codex Supplement or White Dwarf. All models must follow a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) wherever possible. Basic war-gear and upgrades must be clearly shown. No model can be obviously modelled for advantage. If you feel your models may be a little advantageous due to their modelling or basing please ask the TO. Models should be on appropriately sized bases.

Army Composition
A reminder of some basics: 
Faction: A faction is defined as any allowed Codex book including all its associated supplements, formations, and unit entries, whether they be released through supplemental books or campaign books, printed in White Dwarf, or released as datasheets. For example; this means Codex Tau, Farsight Enclave Supplement, and the Tau Fireblade Cadre are all from the same faction.

Detachments: Formations are a special kind of detachment, so they belong here, and are not to be treated as separate items. In essence, there are actually quite a few types of detachments.
• Combined Arms Detachment (CAD) 
• Allied Detachment 
• Named Detachments (Any and all detachments appearing in Codex books or via Dataslates e.g.  Wolves Unleashed). 
• Formations: (Any and all formations (three skull symbol) belonging to a regular faction like Cypher's Fallen Champions)

Source: A Source in this instance refers to any book or release, being datasheet, codex, codex supplement, campaign book, ... etc. Each army will consist of a single source “Primary Detachment” and may include two optional single source "Secondary Detachments". The optional single source Secondary Detachments can be any type of detachment other than a CAD. 

You may not take duplicates of any detachments (named or otherwise). For the newer Necron Decurion/Eldar Warhost style detachments, these count as a single detachment despite how many added detachments/choices are chosen. Though no detachment choice may be replicated still.

The following restrictions apply when selecting your army: 
• The Primary Detachment can be any Detachment that your Warlord can legally come from (so not an Allied Detachment), and must consist of a single faction. The Primary Detachment can be a regular rulebook CAD, any Unique Detachment or Formation as long as it meets all the requirements. For the purposes of this Tournament your Primary Detachment must also have the most points invested in it.
• The optional single-source Secondary Detachments can be any type of 
detachment other than a CAD. You may not take duplicates of any detachments (named or otherwise). 
• Formations and Dataslates are permitted at this event. Taking one of these counts towards one of your three detachments. 
• Codex supplements may ally with their base Faction Codex, however a Codex cannot ally with itself (unless specified within the rules of the Codex such as Chapter Tactics in Codex: Space Marines). This does not effect Formations or Dataslates however.  
• A points limit of 450pts is allowed to be spent on individual Super Heavy vehicles and Gargantuan Creatures.
• Lords of War are to be considered 0-1 in an army.  
• Fortifications are permitted. The official GW model is required for any fortification.
• The Imperial Space Marine anniversary model free upgrade is not permitted.

House Rules!!!
Re-rollable saves! All re-rollable saves cannot be better than a 4+.
Invisibility Psychic power! Attacks against units with invisibility will be treated as WS & BS 1

Terrain Movement! No terrain apart from your own fortifications may be moved by psychic powers or by any other means.

Ongoing Reserves! No unit may leave the table to be placed into ongoing reserve on the same turn they arrive from reserve

How the Tournament will work
The tournament is run on a swiss style system; where for the first round players are paired randomly and for subsequent rounds players are paired based on wins/losses. The player who scores the most points over the three rounds is the winner.

All games have a time limit of two hours. Within this time frame you need to have set-up and deployed, played a game and determined a result. When one hour and a half hours have passed, a thirty minute reminder will be called for all remaining games. If it becomes apparent that you cannot fit in a further full game turn then do not start a new one if you are within the last thirty minutes. A “Dice Down” will be called at the end of the two hours, regardless of whether you have completed your current turn or not.

Missions Format:
Each round will be have 3 separate missions, a Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary mission. We have pre-selected which mission will be used for each round.

Primary Missions will be selected from Eternal War. 
Secondary Missions will be selected from Maelstrom.
Tertiary Missions will be Purge the Alien,Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker, First Blood.

Each mission will need 6 objectives numbered 1-6. All 1-6 objectives count for the Maelstrom Mission but not all will count for the Eternal War Mission. Consult the table under “Tournament Scoring” to see what scores in each round.

In missions where the objectives for Eternal War are less than 6, both players note which ones are only for the Eternal War objectives (For example, Objectives 1-5 In Big Guns,Objectives 1-2 in Emperors Will with the remaining objectives ‘Maelstrom Only’). 

For the Scouring place markers 1-6 as normal then assign the Scoring points to them in secret (neither player should know these). Each marker will have a 1‐ 6 for Deadlock and a 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4 for the Scouring. 

Round 1
Vanguard Strike
Primary (eternal war) - the Scouring, 6 objectives
Secondary (maelstrom) - Deadlock
Tertiary - Kill Points, Line Breaker, Slay the Warlord, First Blood

Round 2
Dawn of War
Primary (eternal war) - the Emperors Will (4vps each)
Secondary (maelstrom) - Contact Lost
Tertiary - Kill Points, Line Breaker, Slay the Warlord, First Blood

Round 3
Hammer & Anvil
Primary (eternal war) - Big Guns Never Tire, 5 objectives (3 vp each, +1 per Heavy Support destroyed)
Secondary (maelstrom) - Tactical Escalation
Tertiary - Kill Points, Line Breaker, Slay the Warlord, First Blood

 Maelstrom Mission cards will be used for all games. The following rules must also be adhered to: 
• Unachievable objectives based on an opponents army may be discarded (for example, your opponent may have no flyers, psykers etc). 
• Only Three objectives cards can be achieved per game turn by each player.
• Objectives with random points will read as 2 for D3 and 3 for D6.

Pre-game Sequence:
0. Discuss Terrain 
1. Roll off: Winner places the first objective. Players then alternate placing objectives until all are out, except for Emperor’s Will objectives
2. Roll off: Winner chooses deployment zone. In the Emperor’s Will Mission the player who chose sides now places their Emperor’s Will objective first. 
3. Roll for Warlord Traits, beginning with the player who chose deployment zones 
4. Roll for Boons and any other pregame rolls, beginning with the player who chose 
deployment zones 
5. Roll for Psychic Powers, beginning with the player who chose deployment zones 
6. Roll for Night Fight 
7. Roll off: Winner chooses whether to deploy first or second. Fortifications are placed during deployment. 
8. Roll off to Deploy Infiltrators 
9. Player who deployed first decides who gets first turn 
10. Roll off for Scout moves. It is courtesy to ask your opponent if he has any Scout Moves before proceeding.  
11. Seize the initiative
12. Let the fun begin!!!

Fortifications and Terrain:
Players should ignore the rules in the main rulebook about setting up the table. Use the tables as they are set up by the TO. If the terrain has been obviously moved or badly placed please call over the TO to change it for you. 
The rules for mysterious terrain will not be used.
Recording Results
At the end of each round, players are required to fill in the results card and hand in to the tournament organisers.

Tournament Scoring
During the tournament, each player can achieve 20 Mission Points (MP’s) in each game. The method of totalling Victory Points (VP’s) for working out who has won is the method found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. 

Each Mission is scored using a combination of three Objective levels: 
•Primary Objective: Eternal War Mission 
•Secondary Objective: Maelstrom Mission 
•Tertiary Objectives: *Kill Points, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker and First Blood
  (*1 Kill point VP is rewarded for each enemy unit destroyed)
At the end of each round, players are to work out how many VP’s they have scored for each Objective Tier and then combine them all for a single VP total. This includes any special VP’s achieved from Warlord Traits or special rules etc. 
Once both players have done this they are to work out the differential from the table below. 

Should a player concede then they will forfeit the round and score 0 Mission Points and 0 VP’s while their opponent will score the maximum. 
Exterminatus!!: In the event of a player being wiped out then the victor will score maximum Mission Points.

​Victory Points Differential Winners Mission Points​ ​Loosers Mission Points
0​ 10 10
​1-2 ​11 9
3-4 12 8
5-6 13 7
7-8 14 6
9-10 15 5
​11-12 ​16 4
13-14 17 3
15-16 18 2
17-18​ 19 1
19+ 20 0

Victory Points:
A running count of Victory Points (VP’s) from each round is also used in the final rankings as a Tiebreaker. In the event of two or more players tied on mission points then the highest margin of VP’s gained and conceded will be used. The Victory Point conditions are those found in each of the mission descriptions in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. 


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