Hop in an X-Wing, Blow something up! - X-wing Tournament

01/07/2018 11:30 to 01/07/2018 20:00

A Fistful of Dice Ltd
Southsea, United Kingdom

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All Tickets are Electronic - all you need is your confirmation email!
Facebook is currently being "Difficult" please email to@afistfulofdice.co.uk with any questions!

Odoo Members

100 point lists, 75 Minute Rounds

ANY tournament legal ships, pilots and upgrades which can be found here

For this event we a trialling providing lunch with your ticket. You will get A Can of Drink, a Cookie, and a Sub with your Ticket! If you have a specific requirement, please email to@afistfulofdice by at least Monday 25th June

Lock S-Foils in attack position! Fly!.

  • Registration opens at 11:30
  • Play Starts at 12:15
  • Round 1 - 12:15 to 13:30
  • Lunch 13:30 to 14:15
  • Round 2 - 14:15 to 15:30
  • Round 3 - 15:45 to 17:00
  • Round 4 - 17:15 to 18:30 (if needed)

Lists and any questions - Please email to to@afistfulofdice.co.uk


A Fistful of Dice Ltd
72 Elm Grove
    PO5 1LN
    United Kingdom


From 01/07/2018 11:30
To 01/07/2018 20:00


A Fistful of Dice Ltd

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