"Heads - I win, Tails - you Lose!"

08/11/2015 12:00 to 08/11/2015 20:00

A Fistful of Dice Ltd
Southsea, United Kingdom

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"Heads - I win, Tails - you Lose!" (Batman Miniatures Game Tournament)
£ 7.00 7.0 GBP
All Tickets are Electronic - all you need is your confirmation email!
Facebook is currently being "Difficult" please email to@afistfulofdice.co.uk with any questions!

The Event will run on Sunday the 8th of November
Registration will be at 12:00 with the play starting in at 12:30
with a break at 15:30 for lunch
1st prize will be a £25 Voucher
2nd place prize will be a £10 Voucher
3rd place prize will be a £5 Voucher

Welcome our latest Batman Miniatures Game event in Portsmouth.
There are twelve spaces available for this event and you can buy your ticket in store or via our webite (https://www.afistfulofdice.co.uk/event)
Crew rosters should be submitted prior to the event, by 12pm Saturday 13th of September. If you do, this is worth TBC tournament points. You’ll still be able to play if you submit after this date, however you will miss out on these bonus points. One way or another though, all crew rosters MUST be submitted for review and approval, even if it means on the day of the event, and that could be awkward if there is a problem with your list on the day.
Anyone found to have altered their list from the one submitted without notifying a judge will score zero points in each round that the altered list is used.
Army lists should be submitted to the event organizer by email at scott@afistfulofdice.co.uk
You must use the same crew roster for all games, and please remember to write your name on your list.
When you arrive at the vent on the Saturday, you must register with a member of staff. This is to ensure that all players who have entered are present.


12:00 Registration
12:30 – 15:30: Game 1
15:45 – 17:45 Game 2
18:00 - 20:00: Game 3
19:15 Results & Prizes
Rep: 350
Funding: $1500
Your crew roster may be under in points but you may not you may not exceed the maximum reputation
or funding limits.
The standard crew building rules will be in place for this event:
You can only include 1 Leader. This must be the "Band Leader"
You can only include 1 Sidekick, unless you choose a Sidekick as "Band Leader".
You can only include 1 Free Agent every part of 150 reputation points of the Band total.
You can include any number of Henchmen.
You cannot include two of the same character, unless they are a Henchman*.
For the Full Rules Pack E-mail Scott@Afistfulofdice.co.uk


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From 08/11/2015 12:00
To 08/11/2015 20:00


A Fistful of Dice Ltd
02392 986 399

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