AN:R & Ales - 2016 Store Championships

21/02/2016 10:00 to 21/02/2016 20:30

A Fistful of Dice Ltd
Southsea, United Kingdom

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AN:R & Ales - 2016 Store Championships
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AN:R & Ales - 2016 Store Championships, retaining a focus on a casual enjoyment of the game within a semi structured environment.

To have a bit of fun.

21st February 2016

Registration at 10:00am first game starts at 10:30am, anticipated finish of Swiss 17:30; Double Elimination 19:00.

UK, Hampshire, Portsmouth, Fistful of Dice, 72 Elm Grove:

£10 per player, limited availability.

Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis and will be able to be bought in advance from FoD website or in store

*****Awards & Prizes*****
2016 Store Championships Kit &
2015 Winter Tournament Kit.

Raffle Prizes to be picked at random between games, limited to one win per player (with potential exception of last place;) prizes include but not limited to

* Signed cards from Bruno Balixa, Lili Ibrahim and Mike Nesbitt,
* 7 ID cards customized by Fernando Lobos Andrews from The Flatline,
* 3 Cards customized by the very talented Christina from FabArt Project,
* Several 'doodled' cards from local artists, including: I Am Posy & Kendal James,
* Polish language versions of some of the key cards from the Core set &
* 1 art print.

This section is subject to change once I’ve read the latest FAQ, however it is expected to be your standard tournament structure.

1. 5 games of Swiss before cut to Double Elimination,
2. 1 game consists of 2 matches; players must play 1 match as the Corporation and 1 match as the Runner per game.
3. Winning a match will give you 2 points, losing a match 0 points and if time is called the person who has the most agenda points will score 1 point.
4. Time allocation for each game is 70mins, which allows 35mins per match, anticpated schedule including below:

10:30 > 11:45 – Game 1
11:45 > 13:00 – Game 2
13:00 > 13:30 – FOOD
13:30 > 14:45 – Game 3
14:45 > 16:00 – Game 4
16:00 > 17:15 – Game 5

17:15 > 17:50 - Elimination Match 1
17:50 > 18:25 - Elimination Match 2
18:25 > 19:00 - Elimination Match 3

Dependent upon results & time a cut to Double Elimination may occur after Round 4.

1. All Data Packs & Deluxe Expansions up to and including Date & Destiny (tbc) will be legal.
2. Alt Art cards are allowed as long as it is clear to both players what it is representing.
3. Opaque or Pictured sleeves are required for all cards, with the exception of the ID & Click Tracker cards.
4. Each player will need legal decks for both Corporation and Runner, the relevant tokens to play and deck lists.
5. Latest FAQ will be followed; however we should all support friendly play and encourage helping each other out during the day


A Fistful of Dice Ltd
72 Elm Grove
    PO5 1LN
    United Kingdom
02392 986 399


From 21/02/2016 10:00
To 21/02/2016 20:30


A Fistful of Dice Ltd
02392 986 399

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