Age of Sigmar event - "On Ashen Soil"

12/12/2015 12:00 to 12/12/2015 16:30

A Fistful of Dice Ltd
Southsea, United Kingdom

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Age of Sigmar event - "On Ashen Soil"
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"By the time the forces of destruction reached the valley of Tyne they had been driven into a frenzy. The orcs slammed their meaty fists against their shields as they tore trampled through the tall grass surrounding the small village of Hemm's Rest, eager for the taste of blood. The village had stood for an age, untouched by the hand of time, the people contented with their lives. The orcs beat their war-wolves into a gallop, the imminent taste of blood spurring them on, their eagerness to see the perfect little hamlet torn to shreds. The largest of the lot let cry a great bellow, as a sudden look of unrestrained horror crossed his face. He pulled the reigns of his wolf to a halt, seeing in his last moment the terrible sight that awaited him at the border of the village. But by then, it was too late. The green-skinned brute gave a gutteral cry as his head flew from his shoulders, landing on the smooth grass with a thud. From around the orcs they emerged, clad in the finest metals. The figures descended upon the orcs, the trap had been sprung and the horde was powerless before it. None, not even the inhabitants of the sleepy town, would have any idea who the protectors of the valley were or that they had been watched over for an aeon. As the last of the orcs crumpled to the ground, he knew why the valley had been so unravished in ages past. This land was protected."

This event suits a group of 6 players, although can be run with as few as 4, and should last roughly 3 hours.

The event consists of three battles which are played simultaneously. Each battle is narratively driven and comes with specific objectives which can be completed during the course of the battle. When players have completed one battle, they are allocated a new opponent and play a second battle. Points are awarded for success during these two battles, and at the end of the second battle the player with the most points in total is the victor.

Army composition
- Your army is divided into command, and troops. Your command can include units/warcrolls with the HERO, WIZARD and MONSTER keywords. Your command is capped at 20 wounds.
- Your troops may not include units/warcrolls with the HERO, WIZARD and MONSTER keywords. Your troops can be as many models as you like, up to your army's wound cap total. No single unit/warcroll can exceed 20 wounds (ie, a unit of 20 clanrats is cool, a unit of 10 ogres would need to be broken into two seperate units).
- Your army's wound cap total, including your command, is 100.
- A max of only 1 named character per army.
- Each player can field units/warcrolls from any Warhammer Fantasy / Age of Sigmar armies, as long as they are from the same Grand Alliance (ie, you can field an army of elves and dwarves as they are both part of the Order alliance, but could not field dwarves and skaven as the skaven are part of Chaos)
- Each warcroll you feature must appear in the relevant compendiums (ie, no homebrew units)

Point Allocations
2 points for fielding a fully painted army.
5 points for winning a match with the Major Victory conditions met.
3 points for winning a match by any other means.
1 point for a draw.
0 points for losing a match.


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From 12/12/2015 12:00
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