The Crusade Begins !

Getting into 8th Edition 40k (By Jimbo Green)

Scott Wilson
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Warhammer 40,000. What is there to say about this monolithic entity in the Wargaming community that hasn't been said before ? A staple of Games Workshops multiple systems. Space Marines, the ever present guardian and iconic unit of Warhammer 40,000 these gene engineered hulks in their blend of antique and modern power armour staring down the barrel of a bolter represent everything about the game.

I didn't like it.

Well to be honest it wasn't that I didn't like it so much that I had great issues with the rules systems frequently attached to the stellar models. I was always a fantasy guy at heart so it took a lot to drag me into the grim darkness of the 41st millennium game wise (the lore was always interesting but you need more to game by) and by the time I started 40k was on its 5th edition. Now I personally favour a stripped down simple type of game, I'm here to turn my brain off, roll dice and use my imagination to see Ork Warboss Bleedemfasta get burnt to death by a Sisters of Battle unit singing hymns about their beloved  Emperor, not to fuss about armour values, wound allocation and what is the most 'efficient' unit. From my understanding the next two editions only increased said problems with more rules bloat and oddities such as The Tau Empire (space communist aliens with an anime aesthetic) and Craftworld Eldar (High Elves INNNNN SPAAAAACE) forming a game ending combo of giant robots and jetbikes. Needless to say I was sticking with my fantasy be it in square or round based flavour.

Then 8th ed rumours began dropping. They wanted to strip the game back, make it resemble their new big-seller Age Of Sigmar (which I am very much a fan of) and generally make it quicker and easier. This I was a fan of to put it mildly. When said rumours began to solidify I have made up my mind, I am going to get back into 40k. All I have though is a single lonely Space Marine from the 90's.

He was bought from Fistful of Dice itself, a second hand sale from a bunch of old miniatures the guys were getting rid of, bought on a whim as a painting project. This is how my Oldhammer horde begins.