Tales From the League 3


Scott Wilson

It appeared that Nuffle had forsaken Unlucky 4 Sum, and had perhaps even bet heavily on their opponents Leap B4U Look, as the Space Frogs mugged the Gobbos 3-0 with 4 casualties apiece. There were rumours Unlucky 4 Sum were induced a large Sum of Gold, one expert suggested 150k in Bribery money. The R.A.R.G. were unable to substantiate this claim as the Ref was replaced by the crowd in the second half, after foolishly sending the Ball and Chain player off.

Having won the toss on a perfect day, the Slann quickly removed the ball and chain to the KO box, whilst collecting the ball deep in their own territory. The Gobbo Pogoer deftly leapt in and wrestled the ball carrier down, only to himself be blrestled back, freeing up the slann to pick up and run the ball with a loose cage. Troll Eavy Metal managed to blitz the ball carrier but was then blitzed away himself, and again the Slann collected and ran the ball upfield, killing two Goblins in the process, and disengaging their squad to outnumber the remaining Goblin defenders.

With another goblin death and two really stupid trolls, the Slann’s overlap enabled then to taxi the ball in for a turn 8 TD with a Journeyfrog.
The last turn of the first half saw a touchback, but the ball and chainer nearly fell over going for it, using up the luck the Thrown Team Mate required to succeed his landing roll in a tackle zone. But at Least Eavy Metal had Badly Hurt a Frog.
The ball scattered kindly in the 2nd half for the kickers, and the pogoer failed both a high kick catch and TWO rerolled pickups, so the Slann managed to disengage and wrap completed round. 

Despite EavyMetal badly hurting a 2nd Slann, the same Journeyslann then stole and scored AGAIN half way through the second half; but this was not before they AGAIN KO'd the ball and chain dude, who had just killed the Slann’s only blocker(fortunately their apothecary unkilled him), and he was then sent off by the referee as he failed the third and final (alleged) bribe. The fans showed their disapproval of the Ref's decision by retiring him (to the Referees section of local graveyard)

Due to some sloppy Slann flipper-kicks, Unlucky 4 Sum got a second touchback, but Eavy Metal fumbled the TTM Pass, so once more the Slann managed to surround and then steal the ball. This was despite the ooligan’s diisturbing presence AND a tackle zone, due to some deft sure flipperedness.
Just before the Slann ran in their Third, it became apparent one Goblin felt they hadn't suffered enough, as he seemed to deliberately trip and badly hurt himself on the AstroTurf; whilst Eavy Metal twonked a Third froglet into Badly Hurtsville.


The Leapers Coach was so impressed with the Journeyfrog scoring twice he bought him, whilst MVP's went to the Ball and chainer and the Slann who already had Sure (Webbed) Hands.
It was remarkable how well the Goobo Head Coach took his team’s diabolical luck. Perhaps he, not Nuffle, had bet on the opponents; for whatever strange reason, he was a DEFINITE nomination for Most Sporting Opponent, though unusual amongst Bloodbowl coaches, and rarer still among Goblinkind

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