Tales from the League 2 - Wood Elves Vs Chaos Warriors

A Blood Bowl Match Report - By Wayne Peters

Scott Wilson
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The in form Gorechosen met the formidable redrafted Ceodill's Executioners today in front of a sell out crowd hoping for some violence and touchdowns.

Cabalvision granted the Chaos Max Spleenripper and provided some beautiful beer babes to man their dug out during the game. Del'ters, the Chaos coach also had some pictures of the Goblin Ref doing unnatural things with a 13 yr old Squig. Del'ters was sure any decisions will go his way.

The elves won the toss and elected to receive. The Chaos set up in a strong central box, protecting key players but giving up the flanks. The elves deployed hard on their left. Hoping to rush down the side of the pitch. The cunning beastmen went for a kick across the other side, gearing up for a blitz and recovering the kick. Just as Del'ters shouted out the blitz command the fans cheered and drowned out his words. The game was on!

 The elves threw some blocks and rushed down the Chaos right. Del'ters sent Spleenripper in. It had been ages since he'd took a swing at a war dancer, one swing later and the war dancer was being carried off the pitch, blood splurting out of numerous wounds.

The elf was out for the game. Nyth, the newly created captain added another casualty with a block. What a start for the Gorechosen! Saftegor, the skilled beastmen then marked the ball carrier, trying to prevent the score.

 The elves brought up reinforcements to the ball carrier and easily blitzed the Gor out of the way for an easy score. 1-0 to the elves!


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With a turn 2 score the Gorechosen had the rest of the game on offence if they played it right.

They set up on the line ready to destroy the elves. The elven coach had worked on a perfect defence and shuffled his team around to make mismatches as the ball sailed through the air.

Having no decent blocks on the Chaos formed a strong rolling cage to prevent the leaping war dancer getting to Shagfagors.

 The Gorechosen moved down the right smashing elves out of the way. The war dancer was blocked 3 times by the tackling Saftegor, but he could only stun him at best.

The Gorechosen were actually putting in a performance for once. Clearing elves downfield and easily moving the ball closer to the end zone.

With some more knockouts from Gorechosen and the treeman being sent off by the ref for a foul, the elves were looking like they were protecting themselves from the Chaos onslaught.

The treeman had protested that he was merely trying to step over the beastmen but the ref was having none of it.

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 With an equalising TD the Gorechosen set up for the 2nd half to grab the winner. An elven bolt struck out the crowd and hit the star ball carrier who'd previously scored. Stunning him.

Undeterred the Chaos got to work hitting again.

The Gorechosen moved left. With so few players left on the pitch, it was going to be hard for the elves to stop them.

The Gorechosen were thinking of removing the opposition to prevent one turn scores now. Slamsagor removed the sprinting catcher, but they couldn't break the war dancers armour. Del'ters called for a foul and Tragors stomped on him briefly stunning him. At half time however the ref had changed so he was sent off. Much to the delight of a ginger haired giant who had forced his way into the stadium.

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 Del'ters was fuming with the Gor for getting caught. Extra beastings for you, the coach thought.

The Gorechosen scored in turn 16. Leaving a lot for the elves to do. With an impossible situation they finished the game with some blocks and a foul. It was over. The Gorechosen had turned their season around with back to back wins!

The MVPs received the applause of the crowd as the players shake hands and exit the pitch.

This is what I love about playing chaos. The swings are immense. You either do nothing or you absolutely butcher everything. It's like playing orcs but with more movement agiliry and strength and no skills. Once you start getting blclmb the leagues finished.

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