Tales from the League 1 - Slann Vs Amazons

A Blood Bowl Match Report - By Frank Hill

Scott Wilson

The space frogs won the toss, catching the coin mid air with a tongue, and decided to receive. Two turns in the ball was surrounded and the zons were even going over a few times, if not actually getting hurt, much to the disappointment of the Leapers fans.

A couple of risky dodges later though the zons catcher stole from two flipfooted frogs marking the ball, and skedaddled up the pitch. Sadly she went more or less alone and succumbed to a superior count of Ribbeters. 

The Slann then carved a channel down the LHS and hopped it in for a late 1st half TD. The Lookers Krox also pulled off a defensive casualty when a zon tried to run straight through him before getting a swift lesson in momentum.

In the second half the zons were two short due an unrecovered KO and the CAS, but made a good attempt at a wide zone drive. Froggy intuition predicted this however, resulting in three costly surf's and eventually the mugging of Pow Cities super nimble Blitzer (Blitzerette?). 

By this time the Slann outnumbered their female counterparts two to one (perhaps due to sneaky frogspawning, who knows?), And managed without much risk to run in a second at the death. The zons managed a consolation casualty, and BOTH coaches were impressed by their gumption, but in the end it was a lot easier than Frogger for those wily, slimy amphibians. Final score: Leap B4U Look 2, Pow City Pretties nil.