Hammer of the Emperor

Getting into 8th Edition 40k Part 5 (By Jimbo Green)

Scott Wilson

Hammer of the Emperor

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So when we last left off the Cadian 580th had just been formed for my local campaign and painting was getting done. Sadly due to a mixture of bad weather, awkward work shifts and such alike painting has slowed down to a crawl. What has been happening though is much gaming and purchasing. I've had four games so far and each have shown me something new about the Astra Militarums play style. First up is that orders are nasty, very very nasty. With a minimum squad of Guardsman at 12 inches a single order can turn ten dudes flash lights into a  36 dice monster beam out of an episode of Dragonball Z, able to take down even the most stubborn of infantry through sheer dice. Secondly close combat is a no-go for the Guard, with average strength, a bayonet and cardboard armour you don't want to fight an eight foot tall shaved green gorilla wielding a sharpened car bumper or an oversized dino-lobster from space.*

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"It was at this point that the Guardsmen realised they weren't getting paid enough."
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“A tattered, charred flag was all we could find m'lord, no name nor Chapter marking survived”

Third, numbers are king. For the campaign at my club I pretty much outnumbered everyone, sure I always went second --unless specified in the missions-- but it also meant there was a hell of a lot more chod for my opponents to have to grind through, also gave me more tactical options to grab objectives etc. Even in non-campaign games though I tended to swarm my opponents with the humORK V GUARD PICTURE HERE]
It was at this point that the Guardsmen realised they weren't getting paid enough.ble Guardsman, which in my opinion is rather amusing since I wouldn't consider my lists very hordey.** Finally respect Psykers, sure their powers are rather minimal at the moment due to the awaited Codices, but Smite is a gem. Easy to roll and even at its most basic D3 mortal wounds aren't to be ignored. 

The games themselves were two 25pt Campaign games (both versus Orks), a 700pt Fate of Konor game*** and a 1000pt  Fate of Konor game. The first two games were a win and a draw respectively, the Orks getting whittled down by lasgun fire before their Warboss was reduced to a slurry by Stormtroopers meltaguns in the first match and the Guard getting caught in quite accurate mortar fire from the second. The first fate of Konor game was quite interesting being an Imperium versus Imperium battle, the Men and Women of the Imperial Guard in mortal combat against their newest defenders, the Primaris Marines. It didn't end well for the Marines to be blunt, wiped out to a man my opponent and myself came to the conclusion that once their Commissar woke up from his nap and saw the resulting devastation his boltgun would melt down from all the summary executions he'd be doing. 

My final game was a close loss against an allied Tyranid and Genestealer cult force. Another Fate of Konor game this time it was clear whom was the attacker and defender. Whilst my Guardsman stood in good order waiting for the Tyranids to attack in their inevitable swarm their Cultist allies ran through the sewers and underground tunnels leading to a Private Hudson moment as the monstrous creatures appeared everywhere. It didn't help when the very ground erupted from underneath them with a Mawloc doing its best to eat three squads at once. Even with the aid of the finest Assassins in the Imperium (a Vindicare and Callidus) it was a losing battle.

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“Sweet Emperor they're everywhere !”

As mentioned above I've been recruiting more soldiers for the battle against foul Xenos, Heretics and Traitors. Since it's a new month I've added another 10 points to my 25 point campaign list, some muscle in the form of an Ogryn unit (Sogras Smashers), a basic Taurox with twin auto cannons (Rolling Thunder) and a Platoon Commander  (Lieutenant Drack Wesson). The Ogryns tend to seclude themselves in the Taurox until it comes time for a good thumpin' in which case they barrel out, unleash their ripper guns (who would have thought Ogryns would be able to shoot as good as a guardsman?) before charging in with an impressive thirteen attacks, their kill record isn't that stellar at the moment but their still a fun unit with models bought from the excellent Macrocosm Miniatures whom sculpt in a retro manner. The Taurox I purchased from Fistful of Dice itself but added an after market wheel kit, I found the tracked look a tad to orky myself, finally the Platoon Commander is the old 2nd edition Cadian Lieutenant with shotgun, he's a cheap source of orders and the odd shot from his combat shotgun. 

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That's all for this update but stay tuned, Col Etren Cushing has ordered himself some big dumb muscle for bodyguard duty and he's bought some food obsessed friends with him.....