Bring out your lead

Getting into 8th Edition 40k Part 4 (By Jimbo Green)

Scott Wilson

With my Imperial Guard regiment decided I began to scour the usual places for Oldhammer miniatures. First up was Fistful of Dice itself, the shop has a small collection of second hand figures that I rummaged through and managed to find a few Cadian Lasgunners as well as a plasma gunner, score!

Next was E-bay, home of the notorious scalpers*. Opting out of the actual bidding (since it always inevitably goes into ludicrous territory) I focused on the 'Buy-It-Now' option which whilst a tad more expensive tends to be cheaper in the long run and less reliant on random chance. This netted me a reasonable amount of miniatures finally finishing up with a bigger horde gained from the Facebook Oldhammer Trading Group and a serious hatred for a full wallet.

At this posting I've currently got 139 bases of Infantry, no vehicles yet, but I’m working on that. 

After a week or two of the horde arriving in the post though I managed to finally get priming and basing them. I intend to go with a simple Mars-esque scheme which I'll use on any other Imperial miniatures I have.** I just needed the motivation to paint them and to construct some fluff, since I find it helps immensely. Sadly at that point I only had their regimental number, The Cadian 580th. After some pondering in the Den-of-Zen (aka half-asleep in the bath) an idea hit me, why did they have out of date kit ? The modern Cadian pattern flak jacket and lasgun are what's used in the plastic kits, what would cause them to be stuck with no resupply? Well there out in the space boonies presumably, but why are they in the space boonies? This chain of thought lead to the lore anchor you see below.

The Cadian 580th --led by Regimental Commander Col Etren Cushing-- were deployed on the highly valuable (if poorly located) Forgeworld of Atrib XV, dedicated solely to building water filters vital for half the segmentum.

The regiment was entasked with a mission of eradication, the main factorum sector of the world had become infested with the reanimated victims of “Seipsa horribilia inmortuae” more commonly known in low-gothic as 'Zombie Plague', unfortunately due to the valuable technology employed within the creation of the above mentioned filters the Imperial Guards usual options of heavy artillery were vetoed in favour of more mobile, less destructive options such as the flame, chemical and (if absolutely necessary) melta tanks; the Hellhound, Banewolf and Devil Dog respectively. 

This was a long and gruelling task, not helped with their usual attachment of Storm-troopers (the Kasrkin) being redeployed to hotter combat zones and replaced with non-Cadian troopers whom have difficulty in working with the close knit regiment.

After a twenty year deployment things were running fairly smoothly with a 75% success rate, the sector contained roughly thirty billion known individuals and it was estimated another 10 years would give them total victory, unfortunately this was when news of their planets fate arrived. Cadia, the bulwark of the Imperium, had fallen.

Morale was low as grief ran through the regiment, compounded to this was their immediate removal from Atrib XV, all Cadian forces were to regroup immediately to asses damages and consider whether a re-founding of the Planet was possible. Twenty years of work effectively down the drain while a clean up force from Blacacas would finish the job. The final indignity to their woes was the sudden addition of Commisars to their force. Cadians are widely renowned as one of the best regiments in the galaxy, the 'morale boost' of a political officer was humiliating, even if it was standard practice for forces under such pressure to keep watch for insubordination. Along the way to their re-grouping however the 580th would be involved in both the Indomitus Crusade led by the Imperiums Lord Commander Roboute Guilliman and the Fall of Konor event.

With the fluff constructed I began assembling my force, helpfully my local gaming club Solent Wargamers were having an escalation league for 8th editions release,  it was a great way to get myself more motivation to paint and game. The plan was simple, start with 25 power points and every month add 10 on. This was my starting list.....

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Company Commander, Col Etren Cushing w/ Power Sword and Hot-Shot Laspistol. 3 Power Points.

Primaris Psyker, Aristotle Black, w/ Las Pistol and Force Stave. 2 Power Points.


6 Wyrdvane Psykers, The Storm, w/ Laspistols and Wrydvane Staffs. 2 Power Points.

Infantry Squad, Red Squad, w/ Lasguns, Vox Caster, Plasma Gun, Frag Grenades, Sergeant is equipped with Chainsword and Laspistol. 3 Power Points.

Infantry Squad, Blue Squad, w/ Lasguns, Vox Caster, Flamer, Frag Grenades, Sergeant is equipped with Power Sword and Plasma pistol. 3 Power Points.

Infantry Squad, Green Squad, w/ Lasguns, Vox Caster, Flamer, Frag Grenades, Sergeant is equipped with Power sword and Bolt pistol. 3 Power Points.

Heavy Weapons Squad, Heavy Red Squad, w/ Lasguns, Frag grenades and Lascannons. 3 Power Points.
10 Militarum Tempestus Scions, Emperors Guns, w/ Hot-Shot Lasguns, Frag grenades, Krak grenades, 2 Meltaguns, Tempestor is armed with Plasma Pistol and Chainsword. 6 Power Points.

This gave me 51 models for my starting force and a fairly even amount of fire-power. I'm looking forward to getting my first game in with them and have ideas for what my next ten points will be. Anyway the above picture is the Cadian 580th at this moment, the batch painting for the cloth and armour done.

*Scalping is the practice of buying a rare object in bulk to then sell on at a higher price when its rarity increases. They are not seen fondly in the war-gaming community.
** I'm considering eventually going for a full scale 'Imperial Crusade' composed of every Imperial faction available, thanks to the ally rules its easy to do now.