Monthly Mouth Off

September Edition

Scott Wilson

Monthly Mouth Off

September 2017 Edition

Welcome to the september edition of our monthy mouth off, a quick update of whats happening or happened over the month.

As always we have an exciting month planned for you guys,

From Friday the 1st of September and every Friday onwards we'll be  running Final Fantasy CCG casual night with the Fishermans Horizon Final Fantasy club.

For our Dropfleet Commander players out there we're starting an escelation league to be held every other Monday starting from the September 11th.

In additon to this we're running several exciting Sales.

20% off all Doctor Who Exteminate.

20% off all Test of Honour.

25% off all Warmachine and Hordes.

And 20% off all Malifaux.

Special Events(Click on links for details):

Saturday September 2nd

Final Fantasy Competitive (Tier 2).

Sunday September 3rd

Rumbleslam Hardcore Tournament.

Satuday September 9th

Painting Master Class 2.

Saturday September 16th

Final Fantasy Casual (Tier 1).

Sunday September 17th

Board Games Extravaganzapalooza 4.

Saturday September 23rd

Ixalan Magic The Gathering Pre-Release - Morning.

Ixalan Magic The Gathering Pre-Release - Evening.

Sunday September 24th

Ixalan Magic The Gathering Pre-Release - Morning.

Well guys that's pretty much it for this September we'll see you again next month for more exciting news!