Monthly Mouth Off

August Edition

Scott Wilson

Welcome to August's monthy mouth off, a quick update of whats happening in A Fistful of Dice this month.
Well this month is a pretty amazing month if we do say so ourselves:

We'll be continuing weith Games Workshops awesome Fate of Konor campaign with 2 special events this month and a goup to help organize games A Fistful of Konor,  as well as romping on with Third season our of Bloodbowl, check out our blood bowl group A Fistful of Blood Bowl (you can see a patern emerging here)

Also for you Malifuax fans out ther we have an Awesome Painting Competition as well as a casual Fun day!


Special Events(Click on links for details):

Saturday August 5th

Hour of Devastation Games Day

Final Fntasy Organized Play Event

Sunday August 6th

Fate of Konor Painting Competition

Saturday August 12th

Malifaux Fun Day

Sunday August 13th

Painting Master Class

Saturday August 19th

Fate of Konor The Big Guns Never Tire

Sunday August 20th

Malifaux One Day Painting Competition

Firday August 25th

Commander 2017 Release Event

Saturday August 26th

CFV Demonic Advent Sneak Preview

Sunday August 27th

X-wing Original Trilogy Event

Well guys that's pretty much it for this one (we like to keep it short) we'll see you again next month for more exciting news!