Monthly Mouth Off

February Edition

Scott Wilson

Welcome to February we have another fantastic month planned for you guys with great events new clubs and awesome suff.

  • First off we're happy to announce that with the help of Andy Spiers (From Trudball) we will be hosting Blood Bowl Tournaments thoughout the year with the first starting on February the 3rd - check out our website for details.
  • And for you Legend of the Five Rings fans out there we're running Stronghold events thoughout the year with our first event being the Battle for the Stronghold - where the winner will be able to claim the store as a stronghold for his clan!
  • We have two new clubs on Thursdays starting at 18:00 we have both a Lightseekers CCG (a fantastic new augmented reality card game) as well as a Dragon Ball Z Super CCG Club.

Special Events(Click on links for details):

Saturday February the 3rd

A Few Blodges More - Blood Bowl Event

Sunday February the 4th

That's No Moon - X-wing Tournament

Malifaux Ladder League Kick off Event

Satruday February the 10th

Final Fantasy Casual (Tier 1) Tournament

Sunday February the 11th

Dragonball Super TCG Casual Tournament

Saturday February the 24th

Board Games Extravaganzapalooza 6

Sunday February the 25th

Legend of the Five Rings: Battle for the Stronghold

Well guys that's pretty much it for this February we'll see you again next month!!